Loving Ivy Snow!

August 29th, 2011

Do not let her name fool you! Ivy Snow sounds like an innocent chick straight out of a fairy tale but that description couldn’t be farther from the truth. I ran into Ivy Snow on the streets of Texas. She had a super hot body and really sexy eyes so I figured I’d try to land her. We had a quick conversation and I gave her my card. She was completely unimpressed by me so I never imagined she’d call me six hours later to come over. I didn’t know what to expect and when I opened the door I was blown away by her half sleeve tattoo. This chick is inked out! If you like your chicks tattooed up you’ve got to add Ivy Snow to your collection. Aside from all the ink, Ivy’s got perky tits and she says she loves to be titty fucked. Ivy talked the whole shoot telling me how much she likes rough sex. At one point she reached over into her bag and grabbed a blue vibrator and asked if I minded if she got herself off. Ummm….yea. Ivy’s awesome. Log on and watch her spread her pussy wide for the camera as she fucks her hole and rubs her clit for you. Show Ivy some love because I’d love to get this naughty trollop back for more. Click here to see more!

Busty Natalia Spice!

August 15th, 2011

Nothing is hotter than a sexy Latina chick with a bodacious ass and a pussy shaved clean. That’s what Natalia Spice brings to the table. Natalia works in this little card shop that sells tourists junky memorabilia to remember their trips with. She is the kind of chick that has no idea how hot she is and that makes her all the more sexy. It took me a few days to convince her to come to my studio and pose for me but promise a chick internet fame and it’s amazing what they’ll do. Natalia came over in hot pants a tank top with no bra and a thong on so we got right to work. I knew she had a smoking body but even I was impressed when this chick started to take it off. Natalia is perfect. Swimsuit issue material for sure! The hottest models have nothing on this one. Natalia has perfect C cup tits with dark nipples that always seem to be hard. She’s got an ass that begs to be smacked as you slam into her from behind and her dark hair is perfect for pulling as she calls out your name. Natalia came over freshly shaved and when she spreads her legs you can tell her pussy is still as tight as a virgins. So check out Natalia as she makes her internet debut here at La Zona Modelos. Click here to see more!

Seductive Lilly!

August 1st, 2011

If you’ve got a thing for tall brunettes with big natural titties you’re gonna want to log on and check out what Lilly’s got goin on for ya. Lilly told me she returned to La Zona Modelos because she couldn’t stop looking at her own pictures and loved the fact that she was getting so many naughty fan mail letters. She said she read every one that came in and keeps a few of the sexist ones in her nightstand so she can read them and masturbate before bed. Apparently she picked out this pink see though nightie and thong set because it’s what she was wearing in one of her favorite sex letters. I’ve got to say, the pictures of her in her bikini thong where you can see her tight asshole peeking out begging to be licked are fucking hot. Another one for the permanent collection is where you can see a wet spot on her panties because she got so turned on spreading her ass for the camera. If you haven’t seen Lilly before don’t miss this photo set and if you happen to be a fan, Lilly wanted me to tell you that this one’s for you. Click here to see more!